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EmbVerse, LLP is a closed group of philomaths and works on Embedded Systems based Product Research and Development.

"Emb" + "Verse" makes "EmbVerse" where "Emb" stands for Embedded System Design which is related to Technology and the meaning of "Verse" is a line of writing in which words are arranged in a rhythmic pattern which is related to Art. 

We, the philomaths of EmbVerse, work with disciplined and rhythmic craftsmanship in every work that we implement. That is how we merge Art (Verse) and Technology (Emb).

Our domains of expertise, though not limited, include :

The Product Research and Development Cycle that we serve includes :


- Product Idea

- Design

- Development

- Testing

- Prototype

- Marketing Sample

- Production

- Quality Testing

- Ready for Sale - 


EmbVerse, LLP is founded in the year 2023 by Shaunak Vyas and is committed,


To provide Embedded Systems Driven Product Development Services in the domains of Industrial Automation, Home Automation and Automotive Systems. The processes include understanding product idea and requirements from potential client, design and develop electronic hardware along with the development of relevant firmware and software, test the developed system OK so that it can be considered as a prototype, design the Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) and establish contacts to electronic component suppliers for production, decide and implement the test parameters and environment for the production, provide support to the client during first batch production and complete the service once the product is ready for sale. The entire cycle of this particular kind of product development is executed by fundamental implementation of Embedded System Design that covers the integration of requirement analysis, analogue and digital electronic circuit design, microcontrollers, microprocessors, communication protocols, programming languages, PCB Designing, quality testing and validation.


To work on innovative solutions in the domain of Embedded Systems that includes Robust Electronic Hardware Design and Stable Firmware Development. The purpose would be to connect to industries working in Embedded Systems domain, learn about the setbacks they face in Research and establish business relations with them through collaboration or contract in order to work together for effective solutions.


To let the enthusiasts of Embedded Systems go through different domains relevant projects that Embedded Systems touch. Here we are sharing the open source non-confidential project work done and blogs created during our academic/professional phases. Our efforts are in such a way that people can grasp things easily. Comments section is also there for each project. Below is the list of the technologies that we are trying to create projects and content for :

So, Welcome to EmbVerse !

We EmbVersify !