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We, at EmbVerse, serve the clients by fulfilling their requirements in the domains of

πŸš€ Industrial Automation

πŸš€ Home Automation

πŸš€ Automotive Systems

EmbVerse is a platform where we showcase our non-confidential work and where the industries/organizations/individuals meet us regarding their requirements of product development in above mentioned domains. We provide service for all the stages of a product development cycle, which starts with an idea and finishes with ready-to-sell.

EmbVerse is also created with one of its motives to let the enthusiasts of Embedded Systems go through different domains relevant projects that Embedded Systems touch. Here we are sharing the open source projects that we have created during our academic/professional lives. Our efforts are in such a way that people can grasp things easily. Comments section is also there for each project. Below is the list of the technologies that we are trying to create projects and content for :

πŸ’‘ Arduino and other Microcontroller EDK

πŸ’‘ Automation

πŸ’‘ Automotive Systems

πŸ’‘ Robotics

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